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Is someone on campus making you uncomfortable for any reason?


All employees and students are guaranteed the right to work and study in an environment free from 性ual harassment.

Sexual harassment shall here-forth be deemed a form of 性 discrimination prohibited by North Carolina General Statutes 126-16. Any student may receive a copy of this policy.

Sexual harassment toward any member of the College is a violation of both state and federal law, and college policy, and cannot be tolerated in the College community. All members of this College community are expected and instructed to conduct themselves in such a way as to contribute to an atmosphere free of 性ual harassment.

任何行动, 评论, or behavior which is of a 性ually suggestive or harassing nature, and which in any way interferes with an employee or a student’s performance, or creates an intimidating, 充满敌意的, or offensive environment, is strictly prohibited.

If this happens to you, you have the responsibility to bring the incident to the attention of the 第九条 Coordinator so that a confidential investigation may begin immediately.

For additional information regarding non-discrimination on the BCC campus, 点击这里.

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